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Recently was down for more than a day so I decided to create my own Bitlbee gateway


Well, nothing special.


Server config

All of this takes place in /etc/bitlbee/bitlbee.conf

RunMode = Daemon

User = bitlbee

DaemonInterface =
DaemonPort = 6667

AuthMode = Open                                                              
#AuthMode = Registered

Once registered, you can switch the Authmode to Registered


chown -R bitlbee:bitlbee /var/lib/bitlbee

Then start the bitlbee daemon.

systemctl start bitlbee

You can also enable the bitlbee daemon to run on startup like so:

systemctl enable bitlbee



First thing to do, connect via your IRC client, then go to the &bitlbee channel:

<enter a nice password>

Should display:

@root -> Account successfully created

afortier Now you can switch the AuthMode (see above)

Add accounts


account add jabber P4ssw0rd


I recommend using the bitlbee-facebook plugin (see References below)

account add facebook <your email> <your password>
account <number> on

Google Talk

:!: Group chat / Hangout is NOT supported :!:

account add jabber


@root -> Account successfully added with tag gtalk
@root -> You can now use the /OPER command to enter the password
@root -> Alternatively, enable OAuth if the account supports it: account gtalk set oauth on

OAuth is your friend!

account gtalk set oauth on


@root -> oauth = `on'

Activate the account:

account gtalk on

A new window opens called 'jabber_oauth' with a huge link that opens a Google page. You have to authorize Bitlbee then paste the code from the text field in this new window. Once pasted, the following message appears in 'jabber_oauth': jabber_oauth is offline and in &bitlbee:

@root -> gtalk - Logging in: Starting OAuth authentication
@root -> gtalk - Logging in: Requesting OAuth access token
@root -> gtalk - Logging in: Connecting
@root -> gtalk - Logging in: Connected to server, logging in
@root -> gtalk - Logging in: Converting stream to TLS
@root -> gtalk - Logging in: Connected to server, logging in
@root -> gtalk - Logging in: Authentication finished
@root -> gtalk - Logging in: Server changed session resource string to `BitlBee666777888'
@root -> gtalk - Logging in: Authenticated, requesting buddy list
@root -> gtalk - Logging in: Logged in

Useful Commands


  • List
     account list
  • Delete
     account <number> del
  • Connect/Disconnect
     account <number - optional> on

    Will connect them all if no number is given

  • Change password
    account <number> set password <new_password> 
  • Tags
     account <number> set tag <new tag> 
  • Settings
     account <number> set 


  • Info
    info <nick> Nice for the nicknames of Google
  • Rename
    rename <nick> <new nick> 
  • List
    2 ways:
    •  /names
    •  blist 


  • List


IRSSI integration

If you have a nice IRSSI, you can add these nice commands:


/channel add -auto -botcmd '/say identify\; /oper' &bitlbee bitlbee


FIXME To be completed/tested


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