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Getting tired of maintaining instead of using my laptop … for work ! I mean I have a fixed configuration fvwm/urxvt/screen/Xressources/screen for years and every 1 or 2 month suddenly a “change” is breaking stuffs… like renaming font names, systemd etc… I grow tired of spending hours trying to fix it so I switched my work laptop on Debian testing. Installation went flawlessly, it's a bit long. but I took the opportunity to switch / and /var on btrfs. The only “issue” here is systemd, I guess I will have to deal with this ultimate useless shit after all…

Post install

wifi realtek

I had to follow this tutorial to have the wifi working

Gnome Shell

I added/ enabled nice feature of the gnome shell:

  • Auto-move windows
  • Drop down terminal
  • Lock keys (as I often enable the stoopid caps lock key instead of typing “a”)
  • Workspace indicator
  • Pomodoro ( does not install… no error message)
  • Dash to Dock
  • Open Weather
  • TopIcons Plus
  • Web Search Dialog ( does not install… no error message)
  • SystemMonitor ( does not install… no error message)
  • Netspeed
  • Sensors ( does not install… no error message)

The installation process is a joke… when it fails to install well no message ! good work, who cares about logs anyway m( Reading this thread makes it even more m( … really

I will add more following The Best 35 GNOME Extensions Review



GDM cusromization

nice logo


Just follow this wiki

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